India Development Service is a catalyst and a “hub” to various projects in India utilizing seed funding for development throughout the country. Our model allows us to quickly deliver critical resources to social entrepreneurs and serve as a platform for intra-project learning and best practices. Over the 40 years we have been in service, IDS has directly transformed the lives of more than 40,000 vulnerable citizens at a low unit cost with minimal overhead.  Indirectly, our support has empowered millions of Indians coming out of poverty, becoming literate and gaining health.

Poverty demands a multifaceted but practical approach to address both its causes and its impact on people’s lives. IDS achieves this. Our primary activities encompass:

  • Identifying NGOs that seek to improve conditions of the poorest communities in India.
  • Providing seed funding to identified NGOs that meet the criteria of embodying partnership principles.
  • Providing one-on-one assistance to grassroots development projects in India, and project leaders to help guide and assist the partner.
  • Offers best practice research to member NGOs.