Nutritional Supplementation Program

Project: Nutrition Supplementation Program in partnership with Sodhana Charitable Trust
Location: Vizianagaram and Srikakulam Districts, Andhra Pradesh
Category: Health and Nutrition


Supplementing Preschool Diets

dscn12921Dr. P. D. K. Rao, the founder of Sodhana Charitable Trust, is a nuclear physicist who was educated in Hyderabad and the U.S. He returned to India in 1979, after receiving his Ph.D. from Rutgers, and has been dedicated to serving backward districts in Andhra Pradesh for over 40 years.

After another year of funding, IDS is pleased with the results of the Sodhana Charitable Trust nutritional supplementation program in Andhra Pradesh. This program, which provides two eggs per week per child as a supplement to the children’s midday meal at Sodhana’s 24 preschools, has been funded by IDS since 2013.

The children’s height and weight are measured quarterly. Before the intervention, most of them measured, on average, between one and three standard deviations away from the Body Mass Index (BMI) norm, indicating inadequate nourishment per the World Health Organization index.

After two years of intervention, however, we have found that in the majority of the hamlets, preschoolers are now only one standard deviation away from the BMI norm. In some hamlets, measurements actually exceeded the norm.

–2015 IDS annual report

Sodhana Charitable Trust runs preschools for disadvantaged children from 3 to 5 years of age. Children from rural communities would not customarily have an opportunity to attend preschool, but with assistance from the local community, Sodhana built and main­tains 24 preschools throughout the districts of Vizianagaram and Srikakulam. The long-term goal for developing schools is to help children from illiterate families gain confidence and to help provide a strong educational foundation before primary school.

IDS began funding the nutrition supplemen­tation program in partnership with Sodhana in 2013. Over the past two years, Sodhana has proven that the addition of two eggs per week to each child’s diet has moved the pre­school children at Sodhana’s 24 schools through­out the town of Cheepurupalli in Andhra Pradesh closer to the statistically acceptable World Health Organization standards of height and body weight for children.

In its network of 24 preschools and 18 primary schools throughout Cheepurupalli, Sodhana has created an innovative model that says “no” to homework, textbooks, and blackboards; rather, the curriculum adapts traditional folk songs and other interactive games and infuses them with learning. Their model is extremely effective; the preschool children are able to read and write the alphabet and numbers in two languages, Telugu and English, and recognize colors and even famous historical Indian political figures! Additionally, the Sodhana teachers often make vis­its to children’s homes to assess their nutrition outside the class­room as well as to emphasize the importance of the parents’ role in their children’s education.

Sodhana believes that parental involvement is essential in fostering children’s development and ensuring that learning continues outside the classroom. This model has proven to be very beneficial for these children, who would otherwise not have the opportunity to attend preschool. The Sodhana preschools provide chil­dren with a strong foundation to continue their learning in government schools at age six. IDS’s partnership with Sodhana not only supports their preschool education model, but it does so at a low cost of $7.75 per child per year, greatly impacting the development of these children in their formative years.

–2014 IDS annual report

Prior to 2012, Sodhana had not had the funds to provide the children with sufficient nutri­tion for their midday meal. Sodhana began its partnership with IDS in 2012 with the goal of serving preschool children a nutritional midday meal twice weekly. With IDS funding, Sodhana purchased eggs for children in 24 schools to supplement their nutrition at a cost of $6 per child for the duration of the school year.

Badam_lowresThe initial success of the program has been encouraging and, as a result, Sodhana’s Nutritional Supplementation Program will be expanded to include ten additional schools.

IDS is proud of its partnership with Sodhana Charitable Trust and hopeful that extending the program to the ten additional schools will have a positive impact on even more children.

–2013 IDS annual report