Remote Villages Gain Access to Curative and Preventive Health Care

Date: August 20, 2014 Category:

Preventive and Curative Health Services

Project Leader: Dr. Nila Vora
In Partnership with International Village Clinic

Locality and Target Population
A health care network has been set-up in Chandaulli District in eastern Uttar Pradesh. The network now serves 200,000 people in over 130 villages.

Quality of Health Care Prior to Intervention
The target area had no existing medical facility, and people had to travel for nearly 50 miles to get to a hospital. Fewer, than 5% of the rural population was able to access health care. As such, malnutrition was rampant as well as infant/child mortality and maternal mortality. Furthermore, tuberculosis was prevalent and emergency services were nonexistent.

Curative programs are now available in 70 villages while 60 villages have access to preventive programs. Preventative services include providing nutrition, vaccination, health education and family planning.


  • Supplied 2,227 children with nutritional supplements and vaccinations
  • Provided 366 pregnant women with prenatal care, nutritional supplements and vaccinations
  • Conducted 576 health education seminars in 36 villages
  • Visited 7,783 pregnancy-age women throughout the year on a bimonthly, rotating basis for one-on-one meetings to build relationships and provide family planning consultations
  • Distributed 107,322 condoms and 87,987 birth control pills in our family planning program
  • Counseled and transported 399 women to the Block Government Hospital for tubal ligation

An investment of $20 a year will provide nutritional supplements for a pregnant woman, and $6 a year will provide nutritional supplement for a child.

Learning and Propagation

  • Challenging to find and retain dedicated individuals
  • Difficulty in identifying organizations in different districts and states that could replicate our prevention program model
  • The preventive program is the most effective way to improve healthcare of the masses, especially when targeting children and women in villages.
  • Increasing the preventive program from the 60 villages currently served to 100 and then to 100

New Programs

  • Promoting sanitation and hygiene by providing lavatories in 14 local schools; plans for lavatories in 10 additional schools is underway
  • 300 annual cataract surgeries
  • Scholarship programs for students
  • Winter blanket distribution to poor
  • Customized cycles for people with disabilities

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