Shramik Bharti

Creates awareness and helps farmers through dissemination of information about manure, composting, biofertilizers, and natural farming processes

Location: Uttar Pradesh

This project works on creating awareness, and helping farmers through the dissemination of information about manure, composting, biofertilizers and natural farming processes. The work is carried out using cell phone hotlines, Khet Connection and Radio Programs, Waqt Ki Awaaz. There are 140 programs developed for natural farming methods and processes. During this year, 15 new radio programs were developed, reaching out to 500,000 villagers in 300 villages. 

510 farmers have shifted from conventional to natural farming systems and 587 (largely women) are experimenting with natural farming methods for organic kitchen gardens. The work has transformed the lives of more than 1000 small and marginal farmers. Based on past experience, it is estimated that organic kitchen gardens will not only benefit families but also allow women to sell products resulting in about Rs 3000 per month in additional income.

Success Story

Ramchandra Pal, with one hectare land was using chemical fertilizers and pesticides with diminishing returns on his produce. This was creating a vicious cycle of poverty for him. After he started listening to the Waqt ki Awaz Radio, he began to learn about Zero Budget Natural Farming methods, and started following the practices of using natural compost like cow dung, cow urine and natural pesticides, and implemented them on his potato crops. He got a bumper yield of potatoes. He is now doing multi cropping on his land, and has also developed an organic kitchen garden. He is so convinced about the benefits of natural farming that he is actively promoting it among his fellow farmers.

Opening Hours
  • Monday - Tuesday
    9.00 - 17.00
  • Saturday
    9.00 - 16.00
  • Sunday