Sustainable Green Initiatives Forum (Bhungroo)

Expanding crops and increasing income effectively and efficiently

Categories: EnvironmentIncome Generation

Year(s): 2019

Location: Gujarat

Sustainable Green Initiatives Forum supports female farmers by providing a series of innovative irrigation (Bhungroo) and knowledge services, so that they can earn a livelihood and ensure their community is food secure. Erratic and inadequate rain oftentimes results in crop failure, which can lead to severe food insecurity, financial loss and large scale migration to towns and cities. Extremes in weather conditions can also lead to desertification, a decline in soil fertility, and loss of biotic richness. Bhungroo is a cost-effective, innovative rainwater management technology used across Asia and Africa. In Gujarati, Bhungroo means straw or hollow pope. Bhungroos have a surface space of only one square meter and a diameter of 10-20 centimeters which takes in excess water, filters and retains it in conformable subsoil strata to be used in dryer periods. It ensures adequate water for irrigation and a zero water footprint (i.e. by storing and then using rainwater). It is a globally recognized disaster mitigating and irrigation guarantee technology.

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