Partnerships lie at the core of how IDS uses a coalition to make substantial changes in India. By setting out these guidelines, we hope to clarify and be held accountable for the kinds of relationships we want to nurture and the positive change we hope to achieve.

Shared Vision and Values

Partnerships between IDS and other organizations are built on a shared vision of eliminating poverty and empowering communities. This implies unity beyond the implementation of specific projects.

Value Added

In making decisions about with whom to partner, IDS will always consider the contribution the partnership will make to bringing about positive outcomes for Indians living in poverty.

Autonomy and Independence

Our partnerships will strive for institutional integrity and autonomy. While there must be some commonality in vision and values in order for the partnership to be viable, we accept that partners may not share all our views.


In funding relationships, IDS and partners are committed to high standards of financial integrity and accountability as we receive funds which others have donated in good faith.

Dynamic Relationships

Partner relationships, along with the roles and responsibilities of each party accompanying such relationships, will evolve over time. The agreement and understanding which define a particular partnership will be revisited at regular intervals.