Curative and Preventive Programs for UP Villagers

IVC_4Uttar Pradesh (UP) is a region in Northern India where illiteracy is high, disease rampant, and villages lack basic medical services. In the UP region, the most fundamental health care services, such as nutrition education and vaccinations, were not reaching citizens. For example, in one remote locality, the only health care available was 50 miles away, taking patients at least a half day of traveling to reach it. As a result, villagers relied on local, unqualified practitioners posing as doctors to address their medical needs. IVC_3With the help of funding from IDS, International Village Clinic set up pilot curative and preventive programs for Uttar Pradesh villagers. The curative program supports the cure of medical conditions and illness, while the preventive program supports the ongoing wellness and disease prevention of its participants through vaccinations, nutrition, education, and childbirth and health care. The programs have since grown beyond the pilot phase. Currently, 70 villages in the region participate in curative programs and approximately 48 villages in prevention programs.

Curative Program Metrics

  • 43,000 patients served
  • 2600 patients received emergency services
  • 105 surgeries performed
  • 54 babies delivered.
In spite of the program’s achievements, villagers continue to face important challenges, including severe nutritional deficiency, high maternal and infant mortality, and an increase in the prevalence of tuberculosis, hence, the preventative program.

Preventive Program

  • 2,227 children received nutritional supplements and vaccinations
  • 366 pregnant women received prenatal support and care, nutritional supplements, and vaccinations
  • 576 health education seminars were conducted
Photos courtesy of IVC