Best Performance Award for Tribal Students at Cultural Workshop

DSCN4217Our hostel/orphanage students in Gajapathinagaram won the award for best performance during a cultural workshop. Ten of our hostel students participated in “Telugu Language Day,” a cultural workshop and event organized by the Department of Cultural Affairs in the Vizianagaram District of Andhra Pradesh. Sri. B.Shankar Rao, a government teacher, coached the performers in theater skills and songs (padyams), our hostel teachers gave them vocal support, and our yoga volunteer, Ms. Jaya, was the make-up artist.   Students at our hostel/orphanage participate in extracurricular activities such as arts, drama and dancing to gain a well-balanced and complete educational experience.   DSCN4282The central objective behind setting up an hostel/orphanage for tribal children was to create an environment where top performing students from our network of hamlet schools would be able to continue their education until grade 10. We believe this propels children in grades 1–5 to excel academically while reducing malnutrition. Last year, we accomplished both goals; students achieved stellar marks and no longer qualified as malnourished students.