IDS Develops Ground-Level Solutions Through Research and Collaboration

IDS is a leader in developing solutions at the ground level by working on research in collaboration with universities and NGOs. Here are some recent publications:

Income Generation 

The Economist speaks to the value of organizing the informal solid waste sector  In working with India Pollution Control Association, we were able to model such interventions for propagation into other cities in India.

2012  Prasad, S. Jain, A., Tata, J., Parthan, S. From Rags to Riches: Tapping the Social Capital within the Solid Waste Informal Sector. South Asia Journal of Business and Management Cases, 1(2), 71-83.


In this research we provide a methodology to treat waste water while increasing the energy security of villagers through bamboo plantations.

2013 Blahnik, B., McGillivray, S., Prasad, S, Su, H-C. Energy Security for Rural Communities in the Developing World: The Role of Fetigated Bamboo Fencing, International Journal of Energy Sector Management, 7(3), 364-382.

Project Management

 By surveying a range of projects in India we come up with a model to help NGOs become more efficient in utilizing resources to meet the needs of the local communities.

2013  Prasad, S., Tata, J., Burkhardt, L, McCarthy, E. Developmental Project Management in Emerging Countries. Operations Management Research, 6(1-2), 53-73.