IDS Featured on WBEZ’s Global Activism Podcasts

Listen to World View with Jerome McDonnell in anticipation of IDS’s 40th celebration last fall.   If you missed listening to the first episode of WBEZ visit to IDS project that aired April 30th, 2015 on Worldview, here is the link to the podcast. Please make sure to click the audio link and not just read the transcript.   Here is a poignant story of the Stella, one of the girls interviewed on the episode and whose picture appears on the podcast link. You can listen to a podcast of WBEZ 91.5 visit to our rag-picker schools   April 30th aired session #4 of the WBEZ travelogue. This one is  GRAVIS organization in Rajsthan that IDS supported almost 20 years ago for water harvestation. Keeping true to our philosophy. we provided grass-roots funding to  the parents of Dr Prakash Tayagi (person being interviewed).  The organization has grown significantly since then. After their success on water harvestation, they are now focusing on silicosis, common lung disease due to marble mining in the region. Click the link to listen:   If you haven’t listened to last week’s WBEZ Global Activism podcast, please do so. It is one of the most important interviews that Jerome/Steve did with S.R. Hiremath, one of the founders of the organization. IDS roots go back to supporting him for the grass-roots activities, which then mushroomed into public litigation cases to fight corruption to protect the rights of ordinary/poor citizens. It is an eye opener. Click the link to listen: