Have you liked IDS on Facebook yet?

About six months ago, we began to update the IDS Facebook page. Blog posts published on the IDS website now go simultaneously to the website and to the Facebook page. Occasionally, there is a post that is a “Facebook exclusive” — one that appears on Facebook but not on the website; these posts typically contain news about an IDS project in India. 972075_198523050298603_456543759_n
Recent statistics on the use of our Facebook page are very encouraging. Our fans come from all over the world–places like Spain, Israel, Australia, Nepal (and of course, several in India) — but a large portion are from the Chicago area. The most popular post so far was the recent one about the artisans of Himalayan Naari; the posts about IDS co-founder S. R. Hiremath and the Facebook exclusive about the Watershed Organisation Trust (WOTR) are tied for second place at the moment.
Thank you to the current fans of our page; it’s nice to know that you’ve been reading (and sharing) our posts! And if you’re not a fan yet, please check out the IDS Facebook page now — just click on the photo!