Preschoolers Enjoying Eating Eggs—A Protein Supplement Program Implemented by Sodhana Charitable Trust and Supported by IDS

Palem_lowresChildren of B.G.Palem preschool enjoying supplemented eggs as a part of a nutrition program supported by IDS.

Rickshaw_Colony_lowresRickshaw Colony preschoolers, who are participating in a nutrition supplementation program implemented  by Sodhana Charitable Trust, are enjoying eggs during a school break.

Vanapalli_Peta_lowresVangapalli Peta preschoolers enjoying eating eggs at their school.   Vajaya_lowresChildren of Vijaya Colony preschool eating eggs to supplement their nutrition.   Vedulla_Velasa_lowresChildren of Vedulla Valasa preschool eating eggs during school attendance.   Badam_lowresBadam preschool children enjoying eating eggs at school.   Gopanna_lowresChildren of Gopanna Valasa preschool enjoying eating eggs to supplement their nutrition.