Parting Words from our 2013 President

President Farewell LetterAs I turn over the mantel of the IDS presidency to Jerry, I would like to reflect upon some of our achievements over the last two years, and opportunities moving ahead. As an organization IDS is currently viable, with an active and engaged group of volunteers. IDS can continue to grow, provide opportunities for board members and volunteers, and, most importantly, have an impact on the ground in India. We witnessed several changes and accomplishments over the last few years. These accomplishments could only occur given the work of board member and volunteer participation in our various sub-committees. The key to our organization is dedicated, respectful individuals who were willing to commit their time and/or contribute financially to IDS. Attracting young individuals who can combine their expertise with specific needs of IDS projects is critical to our future growth and success. Additionally, the new generation seeks to have a direct impact on projects either on-site in India or within the virtual community. We need to make their experiences productive and meaningful. I am looking forward to having Jerry lead the way over the next two years, and will be supporting him through his transition period. IDS can truly develop into an exceptional organization by allowing the creativity and energy of the new generation to blossom. I would like to take this opportunity to thank IDS and the board for allowing me to serve in such a capacity. Sincerely, Sameer Prasad President, 2012/2013